OKKEA is a Malmö-based media agency - a passionate team with broad and varied experience in producing class media content, web design and marketing.

Let us assist you in realizing your brand, all the way from concept to finished product.



Images are fundamental components in any form of marketing. Access to high-resolution, quality images is a prerequisite for communicating your message and standing out online and in print.

Your customers are exposed to visual impressions all the time. Regardless of your industry, professional images are today a MUST for gaining attention for your brand and the message you want to tell.

We help you turn your ideas into attractive images that represent the values of your business. Based on creative approaches and continuous dialogue, we bring you to your expectations and much further.



This format is unbeatable in conveying feelings and has the power to arouse emotions in any audience. Quite frankly, a worthwhile investment to show others exactly what you stand for and making you stand out.

Video is still one of the fastest-growing formats in any kind of marketing and has repeatedly been shown to be what online audiences expect to see.

Let us develop an engaging concept based on what you want to accomplish, regardless if it is exposing your brand or boosting sales. We are with you all the way from aim to finished product.

Moving visuals provides endless opportunities to communicate precisely what mood or message you want. Bring your idea and let us help you execute it. If you do not already know exactly what you need, we have some aces up our sleeve to help you.



Presence on the internet is a must today and your website is usually the place for the first meeting with a customer. Do not miss any opportunity to communicate helpful information and arouse interest in your product or service. With carefully prepared interaction design and graphic expertise, we ensure that your website engages and points your potential customers in the direction you want.

Capture your customers' attention on any platform by showing off a fast, responsive and visually appealing website.